2004 Conference Agenda

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  August 26, 2004                                       CONCURRENT SESSIONS















12:00 P               Lunch — Radiology Atrium

                          Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Elizabeth Alexander, M.D., MSU University Physician

                          “Unusual Diseases, Ordinary People, and Finding the Right Doctor Patient Fit”










3:15       Break

3:30       Dr. Fred Kaplan, M.D.

             “Conference Summary, Impressions & Next Steps”

4:15       Ms. Lyn Pickel                                                                                            

             “Closing Remarks”


2nd Annual Conference of the Melorheostosis Association:

“Symposium Presentations and Selected Patient Case Studies with the

Scientific/Medical Advisory Panel”


August 24-26, 2004

Radiology Building Auditorium

Michigan State University

August 24, 2004           

   7:30p     Welcome Reception, Kellogg Center

August 25, 2004

  8:00a     Coffee – Radiology Atrium

  8:30       Ms. Lyn Pickel, President, Melorheostosis Association

                   Welcoming Remarks & Introductions

  8:40       Dr. Fred Kaplan, M.D.

                   Opening Statements & Scientific/Medical Panel Introductions

  9:00       Dr. Jill Helms, Ph.D, D.D.S.

                 “The Etiology of Melorheostosis:  Clues from Developmental Biology”

10:15       Break

10:45       Dr. Pam Robey, Ph.D, Chief, Craniofacial & Skeletal Diseases Branch NIH/DHHS                              “Stem Cell Biology and Melorheostosis:  A Germ Line or Somatic Gene Disorder”

12:00p     Lunch – Radiology Atrium

                  Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Cam Riessinger, Ph.D, Psychologist, Sparrow Health Sys.

                  “Pain Coping Tools for Effective Pain Management from a Psychological Perspective”

  1:30       Dr. Michael Whyte, M.D.

                 “Melorheostosis:  Clues and Connections with Other Sclerosing Bone Dysplasias”

  2:30       Dr. Eileen Shore, Ph.D

                 “Melorheostosis:  Clues from Progressive Osseous Heteroplasia”

  3:15       Break

  3:30       Dr. Jeffrey King, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

                 Orthopedic Aspects of Melorheostosis”

  4:30       Dr. Fred Kaplan, M.D.      - “Why Current Treatments Fail”


  6:30       Dinner – Kellogg Center

                 Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Fred Kaplan

                 “What’s Up the Road?”






Session B

Scientific/Medical Panel Case Studies

(by invitation only)


  8:45a     Coffee

  9:00       To Be Arranged

  9:20       TBA

  9:40       TBA

10:00       TBA

10:20       TBA

10:40       TBA

11:00       TBA

11:20       TBA

11:40 TBA

Session A

For Regular Conference Attendees


  7:45a     Coffee

  8:00       Melorheostosis Association Meeting

  9:30       Dr. Laura McCabe, Ph.D, Associate  Prof., MSU Physiology                  & MSU Radiology

                 “Bone Dynamics:  Response to Exercise, Aging and Disease”

10:15       Dr. Mark DeLano, M.D., Assistant Prof., MSU Radiology

                 “An Overview in Radiologic Imaging”

11:00       Dr. Jeffrey Kovan, D.O., Director, MSU Sports Medicine

                 “Benefits of Physical Therapy in Establishing Improved Function,                  Strength and Pain Control”


Session A (cont’d)

For Regular Conference Attendees


  1:30p     Dr. Rachel Fisher, Ph.D,  Professor, MSU Pediatrics/Human Dev.

                 “How Genetics Can Help Us Understand Disease”

  2:15p     Dr. Janet Osuch, M.D., Professor, MSU Surgery

                 “Gaining Momentum:  Personal Reflections, Advocacy and                  Epidemiology”

Session B (cont’d)

Scientific/Medical Panel Case Studies

(by invitation only)


  1:30p     TBA

  1:50       TBA

  2:10       TBA

  2:30       Closed Scientific/Medical Panel       Session


                 Board of Directors:


                 Lyn Pickel, President

                 Kathleen Harper, Founder

                 Alice Albin, Secretary

                 Linda Hembree