2005 Conference Agenda

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Scientific/Medical Advisory Panel,

Guest Speakers & Panel Guests

8-9:00a        Breakfast and Introduction

    Dr. Fred Kaplan, Moderator

644 Watertower Inn


Patients & Family Members

8-8:45a        Patient & Family Conference Overview

               Lyn Pickel, President

Dr. Rob Fleming, M.D., SLU Sponsor

1501 Watertower Inn


Concurrent Sessions - Watertower Inn

Scientific & Medical Presentations - Allied Health Building Auditorium



Sunday, July 17

7:00- 9:00p        Welcome Reception, SLU Historic Cupples House


Monday, July 18


  9:20a      Mrs. Lyn Pickel, President & Dr. Fred Kaplan, M.D. Conference Moderator - “Welcome & Introductions”         

  9:30        Dr. Geert Mortier, M.D. - “The Role of LEMD3 in the Pathogenesis of Melorheostosis”

10:20      BREAK

10:30      Dr. Michael Whyte, M.D. – “Deactivating Germline Mutations in LEMD3 Cause Osteopoikilosis and Buschke-Ollendorff Syndrome, But Not Melorheostosis”

11:15        Dr. Howard Worman, M.D. -“The Identification and Characteristics of MAN1: The Protein Mutated in Melorheostosis”

12:00p      LUNCH – Multi-purpose Room, Allied Health Bldg.

  1:00        Dr. Peter Klein, Ph.D. - “MAD N’ SANE:  Regulation of BMP/Smad Signaling in Development”

  1:50        Dr. Jill Helms, Ph.D., D.D.S.  – “When Bone Formation Goes Awry: Insights from Fetal Bone Formation and Adult Bone Repair”

  2:40        BREAK

  3:00        Dr. Dror Paley, M.D. -“Limb Lengthening and Deformity Correction for Melorheostosis”

  3:50        Dr. Roger Smith, M.D. – “Melorheostosis: Patients, Mutations and Problems”

  7:00        DINNER – Allied Health Building Multi-Purpose Room

                  Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Michael Zasloff, M.D.  - “African Frogs to a Pine Forest Fungus: The Development of Drugs Doesn’t Necessarily Make Sense”

  9:00 Cocktails and Hospitality - A night view of the St. Louis Arch - Watertower Inn, 2nd Floor Lobby



Tuesday, July 19


  9:00a     Dr. Eileen Shore, Ph.D – "Dysregulation of the BMP Signaling Pathway in Two Rare Bone Disorders"

  9:50        Dr. Laura McCabe, Ph.D. – “Mechanisms of Suppressed Bone Formation" 

10:40      BREAK

11:00      Dr. Jeffrey King, M.D. - “A Comprehensive Analysis of the Melorheostosis Database”

12:00p LUNCH – Multi-purpose Room, Allied Health Bldg.



Concurrent Sessions

Patients & Family Members

1:00        Blood  Donations, 1065 Allied Health Bldg.

2:30        Annual Assoc. Meeting for Patients & Family

 “Plans, Strategies and Dreams”

Lyn Pickel, Moderator

Scientific/Medical Advisory Panel, Guest Speakers & Panel Guests

“Patient Case Studies”

  1:00       TBA            2:00     TBA                3:00     TBA

  1:20       TBA            2:20     TBA                3:20     TBA

  1:40       TBA            2:40     TBA                3:40     Panel Discussion

 4:15        Wrapping Up:  Dr. Fred Kaplan, M.D., Moderator - “The Path Forward”

 5:30        ‘Docktails’ along the Mississippi River

 7:30        Riverboat Cruise

3rd International Conference of the Melorheostosis Association

July 17-19, 2005                                                               Agenda                                                                   St. Louis University